Peter L.

- Natick, MA


“I don't know what you do to these clubs, but, man, they are good!!!!! Thanks again. I have taken them to the McGolf range in Dedham the last two days and they are great. I really have to focus on releasing the driver because there is NO left in this driver- it really wants to go right unless it gets an aggressive release. I know I was skeptical about the TEE 4 wood and the face progression, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will get over that quick because it feels very, very good. So far, results are very good with the TEE. I am actually much more consistent with it than the driver; I have held on to the driver out of fear of hooking it but I have to get used to just letting it go. Oh, and I LOOOOVE the hotmelt sound from the Superfast. Great THWACK! Off to Florida next Friday. 36 Saturday and 36 Sunday at World Golf Village, capping it off with TPC Sawgrass on Monday!! When I get back, we need to work on hybrids. As usual, great work! If I find the time, I will do an extensive review on Golfwrx and/or Golfdiscussions, shamelessly plugging your services.”