Woods, Hybrids, Irons & Wedges Custom Fitting


Our custom fitting services can be broken up into 2 segments – Woods/Hybrids or Irons/Wedges. These segments can be completed at different times during different appointments. Should you decide to do the full fitting including Woods, Hybrids, Irons and Wedges, $200.00 of your Fitting Fee will be credited towards the purchase of any new clubs, ordered at the conclusion of the fitting.

Putter Custom Fitting


Putter fitting is accomplished with the new state-of-the-art Flightscope X3 Doppler Radar Fitting System, which includes video motion analysis. The fitting includes proper length, lie, and loft.

Flightscope X3 Putter Fitting Screen

Woods/Hybrids or Irons/Wedges


Fitting of either woods and hybrids or irons and wedges, of which $100.00 will be credited back towards the purchase of any new clubs, ordered at the conclusion of the fitting.

PXG Irons and Wedges


If a new set (7-piece minimum) of PXG irons & wedges are purchased at the conclusion of the fitting, the entire $175 fee will be credited toward the purchase of the clubs, ordered at the conclusion of the fitting.

There will be a 25% restocking fee on ANY cancelled or requested change of irons order, once they have been shipped to us.


$9.50 per club

Fitting includes adjusting lie and/or loft on irons and some putters.


  • Shaft Cut Down: $5.50
  • Labor / Shaft Extension: $6.50
  • Steel Shaft Extensions (.560, .580, .600, 620 Diameter): $6.50
  • Oversize Butt Extension: $6.75
  • Graphite Shaft Extension (Superlite or Standard): $7.00
  • Frequency / Spine Align / FLO of Shaft: $22.50
  • Labor / Steel Shaft Installation (New Shaft Only): $25.00
  • Labor / Graphite Shaft Installation (New Shaft Only): $40.00

Includes mandatory replacement of OEM aluminum hosel/sleeve, if applicable.

  • Shaft Torque Analysis: $10.00
  • Counterbalancing of Shaft: $15.00
  • Custom Blue Print Iron Set, 8 Irons (Labor Only): $480.00
  • Each Additional Iron for Blueprinting (Labor Only): $60.00
  • Shaft Profiling with Computer Printout: $24.95
  • Shaft Swapping / Graphite or Steel (May require the installation of a new grip): $60.00

All Titleist and Callaway Bore-Thru Heads will be quoted on an individual basis.



Labor / Grip Installation (per grip)

All grips are laser-aligned when installed. We do not install customer-supplied grips. For belly or long putter grips, add $5.00. Extenuating circumstances (carpet tape, rubber glue, excessive build up tape, leather grips, etc.) may increase the cost of removing the old grip and the subsequent tape. If we find one of these situations while in the regripping process, we’ll call to inform you of the adjusted labor rate.


We do custom metal wood bending (Only on product that has been custom fit and purchased through us) – loft and lies, opening and closing faces, hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers. Most shafts have to be removed from the head. Pricing based on degree of difficulty.

  • There is a flat fee of $125.00 to perform a lie angle check on a set of irons and wedges.
  • Bending is a separate cost, as listed in the next row.
  • Adjust Lie &/or Loft on Irons & Some Putters: $12.50 Per Club
  • Re-Epoxy Iron Club Head: $20.00
  • Re-Epoxy Wood/Hybrid Head: $30.00
  • Labor / Bore Through Installation Callaway┬«, Titleist, Ping┬« Steel or Graphite: $55.00
  • Internal Club Head Weighting (Hot Melt): $50.00

Price includes hot melting service only. If a shaft has to be removed, a hole has to be drilled, or anything to be done to access the cavity, an additional charge will be incurred.

  • Iron Hosel Porting / Removing Weight from Hosel Bore: $25.00 per head

Essential for building over length iron sets, wedges, individual irons, etc. to achieve proper swing weight.

  • Callaway or Taylor Made, Tour Clocking Ferrules, Installed: $35.00

Finishes & Refinishing

As part of our ongoing initiatives, the Ace of Clubs is fully committed to our core business, the Custom Fitting and Crafting of golf clubs. With this refocused position in mind, we want to let you know that effective July 1st. 2014, we will no longer be doing ANY custom refinishing of irons, wedges, putters or metal-woods.

We also do Club Head Refinishing on Metal Wood, Persimmon, Iron & Wedge Heads. Wedges can be refinished with Tour Satin or a Bright Chrome Finish. Also Available are USGA Approved, Tour Box Grooves.

Quoted On A Per Piece/Set Basis