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Our Spotlight Clubs for July! Parsons Xtreme Dark!

Parsons Xtreme Golf!

Xtreme Dark Display

Xtreme Close-Up: Bob Parsons and PXG!


More about Bob Parsons and PXG!


We are proud to showcase our latest addition of Premium Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Forged Irons, Wedges and Putters!

Parsons Xtreme Golf! Excellence Personified!

Parsons Extreme Golf

Photo Gallery

PXG – Parsons Xtreme Golf

Custom Fit and Crafted PXG 0311 Irons and Wedges! Meticulously crafted with MRC’s new “OT” Graphite Iron shafts in 85 gram weight for the Irons and 95 gram weight for the Wedges! Fit Here, Crafted Here.

PXG - OT Collage

Should we fit you to Accra’s new “I” Series graphite shaft, let us suggest a custom color of your choice!

A great set of PXG Irons and Wedges are certainly worthy of Accra Premium Graphite Iron Shafts! Available in many weights, flexes and high performance tour models, all accessible for your personalized fitting session! Always custom fit and crafted, at the Ace of Clubs!

Accra 0311 Cluster

Round out your PXG Bag with a beautifully crafted Parsons Putter! Here’s the “Brandon” Model meticulously fitted with Accra’s P200 graphite putter shaft! Smooth, sleek, weighty, a quality putter shaft well worthy of the Accra name.

PXG Putter and Accra Graphite - 1

PXG’s 0317 Hybrids, custom fitted and crafted with Veylix Rome “Wild Eye” 988 Hybrid Shafts!
Take a walk on the “Xtreme Wild Eye” side! You won’t wanna come back… Ever…

PXG Hybrids 17° & 22° Veylix Rome

It’s a beast of a combination! OBAN’s New Kyoshi HB (High Balance) shafts and PXG’s Premium Metal Woods!
Fit Here, Crafted Here!

PXG - Kyoshi Cluster - 1

Love your PXG Woods, Irons and Wedges? Let us custom fit and craft a Parsons Putter for you!

PXG Putters-1

Custom Fit Here. Custom Crafted Here. All of our PXG Fitting Irons are bonded so that when we arrive at your ultimate fit, it will be the exact same feel when you pick up your newly crafted 0311 irons! Feel what you hit, hit what you feel, that is our promise to you! Get PXG Performance Fit, only at the Ace of Clubs!

Enjoy our newly created PXG offerings below!

PXG Irons Cluster
GD - Veylix PXG Hybrids