Custom Golf Shafts

A list of the quality golf shafts that we carry, fit and install.

A little background about our quality fitted shafts, most of which are ready for you to hit in our Studio.

 Accra Golf Shafts

ACCRA shafts are synonymous with quality, emotion, ultimate performance and feel.

Since 2004, ACCRA Golf has been positioned as the worldwide leader in the high performance golf shaft upgrade and replacement market, building long term business relationships with more than 350 professional club fitters and studios in countries all around the world. This gives the professional club fitter the unique ability to provide golfers with the perfect fitting experience. ACCRA fitters are selected because they are the very best in each specific market and represent ACCRA with professionalism and integrity. The history of ACCRA Premium Golf Shafts has accompanied that of the most innovative sector of the golf industry. ACCRA Golf shaft sales has experienced significant growth in each of the past seven years, becoming one of the most successful launches of a new shaft brand ever. ACCRA Golf is a division of Premium Golf Management Co. (PGMC) and is involved in the design, development, production and marketing of premium golf shafts destined specifically for the high end aftermarket segment. ACCRA Golf focuses on the high-end segments characterized by elevated technological contents and high performance. Drawing on its technological expertise, PGMC has consolidated working relationships with the world’s leading professional Club Fitters; partnerships have translated into ACCRA becoming a leader in providing the golfing public with the best custom fit shafts on the market, like Accra’s new CS1.

iCWT Constant Weight iron shafts

ACCRA introduces the first constant weight series of iron shafts specifically designed to enable the world’s best professional clubfitters the ability to dial in a weight and flex to perfectly fit all levels of golfers.

The elegant matte black graphics combined with a subtle silver shaft band will surely appeal to all levels of golfers from weekend warriors to PGA Touring professionals.

ACCRA iCWT Prototype iron shaft is engineered using only high modulus materials to maximize resistance to ovaling and providing consistent flight control. This combined with the constant weight design, will be a perfect compliment to the current line of iSeries and iSeries Tour iron shafts that feature a descending weight profile.

iCWT Prototype is engineered using ACCRA’s S3 shaft profiling machine to ensure consistency, and exacting specifications. ACCRA’s S3 shaft blue printing system enables our designers to have a greater understanding of shaft profiles and how they affect flight than ever before.

Available in 4 weights 75 grams (M3 flex), 85 grams (M3 flex), 95 grams (M4 flex) and 105 grams (M5 Flex). Each shaft offers a 4” parallel tip section to enable professional clubfitters the ability to manipulate flex, flight and stability to maximize the fitting experience. This combined with the option of soft stepping or hard stepping makes this shaft revolutionary as a constant weight shaft with a vast array of fitting options.

As with all ACCRA shafts performance and feel are the result of premium designs and an understanding of professional clubfitting.


iSeries Iron Shafts

The ACCRA iSeries features the same high modulus composite materials to ensure a smooth feel and enhanced performance. We have engineered a shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel. The iSeries proprietary constant taper design adds to the overall stability while maximizing energy transfer. The tip technology enables ACCRA fitters to mix weights and kick points to create “flighted” sets. Whether you are an accomplished golfer or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA iSeries can be customized to help you reach your potential.
ACCRA iSeries Iron Shafts Flight Diagram


iSeries iron shafts come in 40, 50, 60, 70 & 80 weight

ACCRA iSeries iron shafts feature many aspects of previous ACCRA iSeries shafts, but most importantly, ACCRA engineers have added a added weight as a fitting variable. Once a weight is selected, each weight can be adjusted to, up to, five different flexes. A certified ACCRA fitter also possesses to ability to create a set of flighted iron shafts by mixing two to three different weights within a set.

The new ACCRA iSeries features the same high modulus composite materials to ensure a smooth feel and enhanced performance. We have engineered a shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel. The iSeries proprietary constant taper design adds to the overall stability while maximizing energy transfer.

The ACCRA iSeries tip technology enables ACCRA fitters to mix weights and kick points. Whether you are an accomplished golfer or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA iSeries can be customized to help you reach your potential.
iSeries Tour

For golfers looking for “Tour” stability and performance from their iron shafts, the iSeries Tour line of shafts is available in 3 weight categories each with the ability to achieve three basic flexes and a multitude of fractional flexes as determined by the Club Technician.
ACCRA iSeries Tour Iron Shafts

iSeries Tour irons shafts come in 90, 100 & 110 weight

The 90i, 100i, and 110i all feature ACCRA’s Weave Technology to increase stability and reduce ovaling in a discerning golfers hands.

Golfers looking for precise distance control, the ability to “work” the ball and exacting command of launch conditions, the ACCRA iSeries Tour shafts wil provide an excellent graphite option.

All measurements using our S3 machine for iron shafts use a 264 gram chuck to better simulate the movements of an iron head.


Tour Z Xtreme

The original Tour Z shafts revolutionized the shaft industry with it’s low launch/low spin “Tour” characteristics combined with ACCRA’s renowned “feel”. The ACCRA Tour Zx400 (Xtreme) series of shafts utilizes all of the technology of its predecessor while incorporating innovative manufacturing techniques and tangible material changes to enhance performance.

ACCRA TourZ Xtreme Shaft

The Tour Zx400 series incorporates an improved thin wall design to increase the transfer of energy and provide unparalleled feedback to the golfer.

ACCRA pioneered the thin wall thick technology using a combination of super high modulus composite materials and the addition of Kevlar to provide stability. Thinner walls absorb less vibration and enable the shaft to recover faster, this combination creates speed, tight dispersion and great feel in a shaft that is “Xtreme” with regards to stability.

Any golfer looking to add stability, lower launch conditions and lower spin must test the ACCRA Tour Zx400 Xtreme series of shafts.
Tour Zx 200 Series

The ACCRA Tour Zx200 series incorporates the same technologies as the Tour Zx400 series of shafts while incorporating a more responsive tip section. Using thin wall technology and high modulus materials ACCRA has developed a TourZ option for those looking for higher launch characteristics with maximum stability. The low torque is the key to controlling spin rates and reducing dispersion.

Combining low torque and a responsive tip is a technology that ACCRA pioneered with the SE80 shaft a number of years ago, the Tour Zx200 just takes this to a new level.

The Tour Zx200 also compliments the Tour Zx400 series of shafts as a “Tour proven” fairway wood option, essentially enabling clubfitters to “DyMatch” the Tour Zx line.

Tour Z Hybrid

The Tour Zx hybrid is designed to offer aggressive swingers an 85 gram hybrid option incorporating all of the benefits of the Tour Zx wood shafts. Stability is so important when a golfer is relying on a hydrid to deliver consistent ball flight and distances.
The ACCRA Tour Zx Hybrid incorporates a Kevlar tip section along with high modulus materials to maximize feel and torsional strength, promoting an extremely penetrating ball flight.

Professional clubfitters can “DyMatch” an entire bag by utilizing the Tour Zx 400 series in the driver, Tour Zx200 series in the fairway woods and adding the Tour Zx Hybrid shaft.

2015 Tour Z

The ACCRA Tour Z is designed to be an extremely stable line of shafts with three distinctive launch characteristics.  The unique aspect of this line of shafts is that the tip section is extremely stable yet the torque is not too low, again offering stability without the harsh feel that other tip firm shafts exhibit.

This year’s new and ultra cool graphics incorporate a matte black finish and a rubberized clear coat for a rich texture. The ST and LS models feature an iridescent band that actually changes color in the sunlight as the shaft is rotated. The Platinum Series uses ion plating to emphasize the premium look that an ACCRA Tour Z Platinum owner should expect.

A new generation of Tour Z shafts is here!  The Tour Z ST (Stable Tip), Tour Z LS (Low Spin), Tour Z CB (Counter Balance) Platinum.

Tour Z Technology

Constant taper design:

The constant taper design enables ACCRA to achieve the ultimate combination of maximum energy transfer, strength and feel.  Any change of the rate of taper throughout the length of the shaft acts as a barrier to the flow of energy; constant taper shafts allow energy to flow uninterrupted.

Thin wall thickness:

High modulus materials were incorporated in order to utilize the thinnest wall thickness in the industry, thus maximizing the opportunity for weight distribution and offering smooth playability. Feedback is an important attribute to any golf club, and Tour Z shafts promote maximum feedback and stability on all shots.

Constant flex technology:

All shafts within a model share identical specifications. Once a golfer is fit to a Tour Z CB Platinum shaft, a fitter may test several different weights, knowing the shafts will all flex identically. Most other shafts get softer as shafts get lighter, but ACCRA Tour Z shafts offer the most stable, light weight shafts in the industry. This enables golfers of all levels to benefit from lighter shafts designed to play like heavier shafts.

In addition, certified ACCRA fitters may custom order these shafts in five unique graphics that are sure to fit the customer’s distinct personality. These shafts may also be personalized with a tip section laser etched with, “Engineered for John Smith by ACCRA.”

Custom Colours available 03-10-14



Every few years a true innovation is introduced that significantly benefits golfers by providing the perfect combination of shaft/club head/ball.  The ACCRA CS1 does just this when combined with the latest generations of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and balls. ACCRA has always featured super high modulus composite materials, the CS1 takes this to a new level with a greater concentration of composite versus resin content than ever before and more super high modulus graphite than ever before. This is incorporated with a weave section that runs the entire length of the shaft for the ultimate in stability.

A responsive tip section combined with lower torque and a higher CG make for the perfect shaft for the newest driver heads that tend to promote super low spin rates. Discerning golfers, generally, require a shaft that has great stability and also gives them the ability to launch the slightly ball higher. The new CS1, has more torsional stability than any shaft ACCRA has produced for more control of launch and spin. The higher CG also enables the world’s best club fitters to fit the CS1 into any of the current driver heads and manipulate swing weight easily.

Using the new S3 shaft profiling machine, ACCRA has developed a shaft to specific specifications in order to maximize shaft performance using the latest technology in heads and golf balls. Our new manufacturing facility in Japan enables ACCRA to meet tighter tolerances than ever before and the S3 machine confirms that.

Whether a golfer is a Tour caliber player or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA CS1 can be custom fit to your specific swing characteristics by a professional club fitter to maximize their launch conditions.


Introducing the ACCRA FX Wood & Hybrid Series Shafts..

ACCRA is proud to introduce an innovative line of shafts designed exclusively for the world’s best clubfitters. The ACCRA Fx Series of shafts offers 3 distinctive flight patterns enabling clubfitters to dial in weight, flex and launch conditions to perfectly fit every golfer.

To create the Fx series of shafts, ACCRA engineers used only the highest quality of materials to ensure quality, performance and feel.
Each model of the Fx Series was independently engineered using ACCRA’s exclusive DyMatch technology offering golfers the ability to perfectly match their woods and hybrids dynamically.

The ACCRA Fx series of shafts will appeal to all levels of golfers from discerning golfers looking for a shaft to aid in launch and forgiveness to Touring professionals requiring stability and feel.

ACCRA’s DyMatch Technology is combined with a new S3 design, higher modulus materials, lower resin content, tighter tolerances from superior Japanese manufacturing all to create the best “DyMatched” line of shafts in history.

ACCRA Fx simplifies the entire fitting process – shafts are divided into 3 categories:

100 series (responsive tip – High launch)
200 series (Mid tip – Mid launch)
300 series (Stable tip – Low launch)

Each Series includes multiple driver shafts, 1 fairway wood & 1 hybrid all “DyMatched”:

140, 150, 160, 100F, 100H
250, 260, 270, 200F, 200H
360, 370, 380, 300F, 300H

3 driver shafts in each launch condition for ultimate fitting capabilities and then a fairway and hybrid shaft “DyMatched” for performance.

ACCRA Fx Series Launch CharacteristicsFx 100 Series:

Designed to promote a higher initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. Excellent for those wanting to increase launch angle and utilize a super light-weight shaft.

FX 200 Series:

Designed to promote a mid initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. Excellent for those requiring some tip stability, yet still looking for the powerful kick though impact.

FX 300 Series:

Designed to promote a lower initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. Excellent for those requiring tip stability yet still looking for
powerful kick and great feel.

Simple, slick & the ultimate fitting shaft line.


Introducing the ACCRA FX Putter..

An entirely new category for fitting a golfer’s set of clubs
Millions of golfers purchase expensive putters without regard for the quality or the performance of the shaft. Other discerning golfers may take the time to be fit for their putter. Analysis of design, loft, and lie are all taken into account, yet few take the same serious consideration of matching a shaft to the unique swing characteristics and feel.

ACCRA offers golfers and professional clubfitters an option to test 4 unique putter shafts. All four shafts share the same frequency, yet each offers a different tip flex to match up roll performance with feel. Generally, a longer fluid putting stroke benefits from a more responsive tip section while golfers with more aggressive strokes tend to gravitate toward a stiffer tip shaft. Feel and acoustics are unique to each shaft.


Aerotech Steel Fiber ShaftsAerotech Pic

Our most popular models below for some of our most prominent custom iron builds. We also stock additional weights for irons as well as their hybrid and wood shafts.

SteelFiber i95

The SteelFiber i95 is a great transition into a lighter weight iron shaft without going too light and substantially changing the feel of the club during the swing. The 95 gram weight allows the player to see some good improvement in distance while still maintaining pinpoint accuracy and incredibly consistent distance control. If a player has been losing distance in their steel shafted irons but still wants to maintain every bit of consistency the i95 is a great choice.

SteelFiber i80

Our number one selling SteelFiber iron shaft, the i80, gives a player all of the benefits of a 100% graphite shaft but with remarkable control and consistency. Whether a player is looking to get back the valuable yardage they lost over the years or has been playing a 100% graphite shaft that is too light and lost their accuracy the SteelFiber i80 can really do it all.

Graphite Design – Premium Golf Shafts

The Tour AD TP NEW for 2017!tour-ad-tp

Brand new for the 2017 season, Graphite Design introduces the latest in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Graphite Design Tour AD TP. Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Tour AD TP wood shaft is available in 40g R2, R1 and S flex, 50g R2, R1 and S flex, 60g SR, S and X flex, 70g S and X flex and 80g S and X flex.

The Tour AD TP, like all of the premium Tour AD wood shafts, utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials in order to deliver the best feeling and performing shaft available to golfers.

Designed around new tooling, the Tour AD TP utilizes a brand new technology called “Fast Taper Technology” or FTT. This new technology incorporates a faster taper rate from the lower mid-section to the tip of the shaft than previous Tour AD wood shaft models. The new Fast Taper Technology provides the overall feeling of greater club head control at impact and an increase in club head speed through the swing.

The new Tour AD TP shaft has a medium stiffness starting at the handle thru the mid-section of the shaft and a stiff tip profile to promote a mid/high launch condition and low spin. The new Tour AD TP also utilizes the latest in graphite material from Toray Industries, Inc., TORAYCA ® T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY ® technology in the tip section of the shaft for additional shaft stability, exceptional feel and precise ball control.

During independent robotic golf club testing, the new Tour AD TP-6 Stiff Flex shaft gained +3.5 yards in Carry Distance and +3.8 yards in Total Distance while maintaining tight dispersion rates vs. comparable Tour AD 65g wood shaft models.

Make a change in your Driver or Fairway metal wood today to the same shaft that the professionals use, the new “Tour Proven” Tour AD TP model of premium Graphite Design graphite golf shafts with FTT – Fast Taper Technology.

The Tour AD MJTourADMJ-Home-1

Graphite Design introduces one of its newest additions to the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Tour AD MJ. Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Tour AD MJ wood shaft is available in 50g R2, R1 and S flex, 60g SR, S and X flex, 70g S and X flex and 80g S and X flex. The Tour AD MJ utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials to provide the best performing shaft available. Designed with a softer tip and stiffer mid to butt section to promote a higher launch condition and low/mid spin, the Tour AD MJ also utilizes the 3rd generation version of the Toray Nano-alloy material technology known as “DI Technology” in the tip section of the shaft for additional shaft stability, exceptional feel and precise ball control. Try the new Tour AD MJ, it might just make a MAJOR impact on your game today.

Graphite Design

Graphite Design, established in Japan in 1989 and in the U.S. in 1997, is the industry leader in shaft technology and the preferred shaft brand for golf professionals worldwide. One of the world’s three largest golf-club shaft manufacturers, the company made its mark manufacturing premium shafts for most of golf’s major OEMs, including the top four companies by sales volume. Graphite Design shafts continue to be preferred by top club makers the world over while the company’s mainstay Japan series; Tour AD DI, DJ, BB, GT and MT shafts, and US Series; G-Series, YS+ and G-Tech shafts are extremely popular among avid and occasional golfers. Revolutionary technology, design and sourcing the most advanced materials are trademarks in all Graphite Design shafts, making them the highest quality performance shafts on the market. Validating the company’s Tour AD logo, all of Graphite Design’s PGA Tour-proven golf shafts specifically promote “Accuracy and Distance” and these key competitive advantages are helping professional and amateur golfers optimize their games after switching to Graphite Design shafts. Graphite Design shafts have been the number one shaft played on the Japan Golf Tour for ten years running.

KBS ShaftsKBS Tour

Utilizing feedback from the PGA TOUR, the KBS TOUR® Series features the most advanced steel shaft technology in the industry. KBS shafts maximize energy transfer to ensure a smooth feel through impact and are proven to produce a more piercing trajectory, tighter dispersion and increased ball control. Advanced butt:  .600 diameter and optimal butt length support player stability through contact. Results in improved accuracy and shot control. High center of gravity:  52% balance point allows for more mass in center of clubhead without changing swing weight. Streamlined energy transfer:  Proportionate step pattern and wall thickness maximize energy transfer for better feel and distance. Stable tip section:  Promotes piercing shot trajectory and spin control.KBS Tour Custom Shafts Taper and parallel tip:  Standard fit for all hosels allows for simple fitting and custom tuning.

We stock, fit and sell ALL models of KBS Tour Shafts in the C-Taper & C-Taper Lite, Tour, Tour V, Tour 90, Wedge, Hi-Rev Wedge, Hybrid and the Custom Colors as shown to the right.

Matrix ShaftsMatrix Shafts

Matrix Shafts, located in Anaheim’s Canyon Center for Advanced Technology, was founded in 1993 with the aim of creating class leading golf shafts for tour players and weekend players alike. What sets Matrix apart in the shaft industry is near obsessive attention to performance advancements, quality control, and a desire to use emerging technologies regardless of expense. After years of slowly building a cult following among elite club makers and technically savvy tour players, the growth Matrix always knew would come has been increasing exponentially in the last few years. The disciplined approach of cutting edge design theory, precision craftsmanship and innovative aesthetics has positioned Matrix to make bold steps moving forward. Chief Designer Daniel You has earned a reputation for intuitive designs and a keen ear to tour players to further refine his products. Similar to the trickle down of technology in motor racing, the Matrix line of shafts created for developing players has benefited through a “First to tour, first to market” approach.

Matrix White Tie


The new Matrix Flight System (MFS) is the evolution of the highly successful M3, Q3 and X3 shafts. With feedback from tour and club fitters the design of the tip sections have been modified by using a different material layup for each specific shaft to optimize launch characteristics for each family. All shafts have updated cosmetics.

The OZIK X4 White Tie has a stiffness profile designed for efficient energy transfer in a stable structure that offers control in a high-launch, low-spin shaft.


The new Matrix Flight System (MFS) is the evolution of the highly successful M3, Q3 and X3 shafts. With Matrix Red Tiefeedback from tour and club fitters the design of the tip sections have been modified by using a different material layup for each specific shaft to optimize launch characteristics for each family. Q4 and M4 use the patented internal HD geometry to improve feel and all have updated cosmetics.

The OZIK Q4 Red Tie is designed for tight dispersion in a mid-launch, mid-spin shaft at a variety of weights.


The new 2015 Matrix Flight System (MFS) is the evolution of the highly successful M3, Q3 and X3 shafts. With feedback from tour and club fitters the design of the tip sections have been modified by using a different material layup for each specific shaft to optimize launch characteristics for each family. Q4 and M4 use the patented internal
HD geometry to improve feel and all have updated cosmetics.

The OZIK M4 Black Tie is a highly stable shaft for aggressive players who desire a flatter                                                         ball flight and low spin.Matrix Black Tie


The OZIK HX4 WHITE TIE hybrid is the counterpart to the ever popular OZIK X4 WHITE TIE wood shaft.  The OZIK HX4 WHITE TIE series generates from the highly successful OZIK Xcon series, performing with the same high launch low spin characteristics.  The OZIK HX4 WHITE TIE hybrid is offered in 85 grams with multiple flexes to choose from.


The OZIK HQ4 RED TIE hybrid was released as a matching hybrid to the OZIK Q4 RED TIE wood shaft offering mid launch and spin characteristics with a stiff tip section for added stability.  The OZIK HQ4 RED TIE hybrid is offered in 85 grams with multiple flexes to choose from.

Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation

Phoenix and GG

Mitsubishi Rayon has been developing premium graphite golf shafts worldwide for more than 25 years, redefining quality and high performance in the process. With a rich history tied to the Mitsubishi keiretsu, a group of companies affiliated through cross-ownership, Mitsubishi Rayon Co., LTD. (MRC) formed its own organization in 1933 primarily as a manufacturer of rayon fibers. Since that time the company’s interests have diversified and expanded to include chemicals, plastics, fibers, and a variety of specialty products including composite golf shafts. Today, MRC is considered a world leader in the manufacturing acrylic and carbon fiber, with over 9,000 employees and consolidated revenues of nearly $3 billion USD globally. Mitsubishi Rayon’s Graphite Shafts, now known as MRC GOLF, has been producing golf shafts for more than 25 years. During this time MRC GOLF has grown to become the leading supplier of premium graphite golf shafts in Japan, and has now expanded its distribution to the U.S. golf market. With many of the world’s players using Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts and an unprecedented number of Tour wins worldwide, Mitsubishi Rayon has established itself as a dominant force in the graphite shaft market.


Pushing the limits of lightweight without compromising performance. We challenged our engineers in Japan to take our highest performing shafts and make them as light as possible without compromise. The result – GRAND BASSARA™.


Made in Japan using the tightest tolerances (± 1g ± 1cpm), most rigorous quality control measures and the finest lightweight materials available, we have developed our most innovative high-performance, 29 and 39-gram ultra-lightweight golf shafts to date.

GRAND BASSARA™ not only delivers strength, stability and performance, but also superior feel. Our ability to push the limits of ultra-lightweight and performance is largely due to strategic use of an innovative new proprietary carbon fiber material – MR70. MR70 is 20% stronger and 10% greater modulus elasticity than comparable materials, and has helped us take our game to the next level.

GRAND BASSARA™ is finished with an ultra-premium ION Plating (IP) with a jet black dye, and sophisticated holographic decal.


OT™ Graphite Iron Shafts

The OT™ Iron shafts originated in Japan in our “idea lab” called FRANKI™ named for the Japanese word for incubator – “Fooranki”. This group of designers, engineers, tour reps and other specialists spend their time and energy creating new ways of doing things. No matter how crazy they seem.


The OT™ Iron shaft doesn’t use traditional prepreg sheet, but instead uses a new material for the golf shaft industry called Tow Prepreg. Tow Prepreg uses carbon fibers that are arranged in super-strong “bundles” (the way a steel cable is made). These bundles are impregnated with resin to create the Tow Prepreg, and then woven together like a braid.

The “braiding” technology using Tow Prepreg is incredibly resistant to twisting and ovaling and creates a shaft with no spine, so the shaft performs more consistently than a shaft made with traditional sheet prepreg. The braiding also minimizes vibration, to provide the better feedback that’s so important for iron play.

Nippon Steel and Graphite


For over 50 years the dream of the Nippon Shaft company, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, has been to build the perfect golf shaft. This dream begins with the heritage of our parent company, NHK Spring, a global leader in the manufacture of high performance automotive valve springs. The technology learned about base metals and specialty metal treatments, in the design and production of many millions of precision metal instruments, gives the Nippon Shaft Company an exceptional advantage in the manufacture of a high performance golf shaft. From our award winning N.S. PRO 950GH ultralite iron series, to our most recent MODUS³ TOUR iron shaft series, Nippon Shaft is creating shaft designs unlike anything in the marketplace. And the brilliance of our shaft models in the current year is validated on the world stage, with 20+ wins on the PGA TOUR, European PGA Tour, LPGA TOUR, Champions Tour, and Japan Golf Tour. Whether your dream is to hit the ball a bit farther, more consistent, or just to find more enjoyment in your game, we have a superior N.S. PRO shaft model for you. As we pursue our most cherished dream of building the perfect shaft, our hope is that we can partner with your golfing story, and help you realize your golfing dream.


GRAPHITE SHAFTS FOR DRIVER / Bursting with flight technology. Refined for long carry!

Choose the blue N.S. PRO Regio formula for maximum distance or the red N.S. PRO Regio MB for distance plus accuracy. Fulfilling the perennial desire of golfers to “hit as straight and as far as possible,” Nippon Shaft ingeniously blends renowned steel expertise with a new carbon design philosophy. The resulting advantages of this sensitive, high-performance carbon shaft – namely control-ability and maximum carry – are realized by combining the flexibility of steel with the strong kick of N.S. PRO’s unique, cutting-edge torsional rigidity.

Extend your carry distance with increased initial velocity, decreased spin and optimized angle of trajectory. Made possible by years of ball flight R&D, the N.S. PRO Regio formula with core shell rubber (CSR), new epoxy resin and high tip rigidity is the perfect formula for long drives.

Double elasticity delivers stunning initial velocity for power drives. New high-elasticity sheets are the most notable feature of the N.S. PRO Regio formula. Through a combination of carbon fiber and core shell rubber (epoxy resin mixed with CSR), they strengthen the shaft and deliver more powerful impact. A multi-layered bias layer consisting of high and ultra-high elasticity sheets contributes to even harder impact. Moreover, the doubled effects of combining highly elastic carbon fiber sheets (80t) with CSR result in higher initial ball velocity.


OBAN Shafts

The All New OBAN Steel CT-115!shafts_steel-1024x580

We’ve been asked how the new OBAN STEEL CT-115 compares to other shafts? Our answer is, it really doesn’t.

115 gram Constant Weight, Taper Tip
12 shaft lengths produce 7 discernible flexes
R, R(+), S(-), S, S(+), X(-), X
offering a broad spectrum of fitting possibilities.

STRUCTURE Japanese steel. Seamless construction. Exacting tolerances.

DESIGN INNOVATION Weight, flex, balance and bend profile dynamically synchronized.

CREATIVE EXPERTISE Ability to precision-align weight and flex to a Player’s unique profile.

PERFORMANCE Great feel. Tight dispersion. Easy launch. Lower spin.

Isawa Red


OBAN launched ISAWA Red at the 2015 PGA Show in Orlando. The ISAWA Red is an active bend profile shaft, ideal for golfers seeking mid-high launch and low-mid spin characteristics. Oban’s proprietary Multi-Plex Technology leverages the unique strength and flexibility of the latest high modulus aerospace exotics to optimize energy transfer to the ball at impact.

Kiyoshi HB

Kiyoshi HB NEW - 1

OBAN Composites introduces the Kiyoshi HB. The shaft combines next generation design technology and exotic aerospace materials to deliver an exceptional level of consistency and performance. The Kiyoshi HB is an medium bend profile shaft, ideal for golfers seeking mid-high launch and low-mid spin characteristics. OBAN’s proprietary multiplex technology (MPT) leverages the unique strength and flexibility of the latest high modulus aerospace exotics to optimize energy transfer to the ball.


Designed using OBAN’s breakthrough MultiPlex Design Technology and the world’s finest composite materials. High modulus low-resin materials combine to create unprecedented levels of structural stability.

Structural Design

The Kiyoshi HB is designed using OBAN’s proprietary MultiPlex Design Technology. High modulus unidirectional material strategically placed along the length of the shaft in 0, 45, and 90 degree angles reduces ovalization − stabilizing the shaft at impact.


Ideal for players seeking higher ball flight and lower spin.

Precision-Engineered For Uncompromising QualityKyoshi Tour Limited

OBAN is singularly focused on developing the best performing golf shafts in the world. Our shaft designs are rigorously tested by top tier Tour players, then perfected by our precision engineering team to validate performance specifications.

OBAN’s newly released Kiyoshi White ranks among the most advanced composite shafts on the market. The shaft is produced with OBAN’s breakthrough proprietary MultiPlex Design Technology (MPT), and precision crafted using high modulus unidirectional material strategically placed along the length of the shaft for reduced ovalization − stabilizing the shaft at impact.

Exotic Materials Enhance Performance

Kyoshi Gold How do OBAN shafts differ from competitors? OBAN’s complex designs are produced exclusively using the highest grade resin and composite fibers available. We continue to push the structural limits of raw graphite by integrating low resin and high stable pre-preg materials. The results speak for themselves. Better feel, tighter dispersion, and longer distance drives make OBAN a top choice among touring professionals and avid golfers alike.

High Precision Manufacturing

Beyond exotic materials and proprietary designs, OBAN meticulously manages every aspect of the shaft manufacturing process. Graphite pre-preg materials are thoroughly inspected, exacting controls verify weight and flex, and centerless grinding ensures strict shape and diameter tolerances are maintained.

Commitment To Custom FittingOi Graphite

Our commitment to custom fitting is a core tenet of our company philosophy. OBAN dealers employ the latest digital launch profiling technology to expertly evaluate swing styles and tendencies. Driver head options and course conditions are factored in to configure clubs certain to satisfy serious golfers intent on improving their driving performance.

Project X’s – PXi, Project X, PXv, PX Hand Crafted LZ Graphite, HZRDUS and True Temper Steel Iron Shafts

Ace of Clubs_Authorized_Seller

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts provide similar power, control and the trademark penetrating ball flight associated with the entire series of Dynamic Gold irons. The Tour Issue shafts have a Tour Only weight tolerance of +/- .5 grams for custom precision fitting.

DG Pro

Pros and those aspiring to play like them want to have confidence that their irons will fly with exact trajectory and distance each time. DG Pro is the industry’s first progressive iron shaft. With Progressive Technology, everything about DG Pro is progressive — the flex profile, step pattern, weight profile, and internal material distribution. This allows True Temper to tailor the specific playing characteristic of the long, short , and mid irons for optimum feel, spin control and trajectory and ultimately confidence-inspiring performance. There is a new gold standard in golf. DG Pro is now available exclusively through True Temper Performance Fitting Centers

Our True Temper Steel Iron and Wedge Shaft Selections


Our Project X Woods, Hybrids and Irons Shaft Selections


The PX LZ Hand Crafted Graphite Shafts! Custom fit and built, here at the Ace of Clubs!

The new Project X LZ Hand Crafted shaft combines a unique “Loading Zone” technology for a flexible mid-section with proprietary FlexLok™ torsional bands. These two technologies work together to produce maximum shaft loading without the loss of stability. The result is maximized ball speed with total control.

Project X LZ Hand Crafted shafts are proudly and meticulously crafted in Project X’s San Diego prototype lab. The shafts are available in three weight categories LZ 50 (50g), LZ 60 (60g) and LZ 70 (70g).

Project X LZ Hand Crafted shafts are available exclusively through OEM custom and Performance Fitting Centers.


Project X HAZRDUS in stock and ready for custom fitting!


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In its purest sense, TSPX is UST Mamiya’s technology generation lab

An autonomous long term research center focused solely on creating the most advanced, high performance golf products in the world – for the best players in the world. Every shaft submitted for use on the PGA Tour is TSPX CERTIFIED. After tour demands are fulfilled, TSPX CERTIFIED shafts will be available for purchase through our exclusive TSPX Certified Dealer Network. Find a TSPX Certified Dealer. Each TSPX CERTIFIED shaft is qualified after thorough testing and must meet or exceed demanding test criteria. After measuring and recording each of the data points, our technicians permanently laser etch each TSPX CERTIFIED shaft with a unique serial number. This serial number can be used to reference the detailed specifications of that shaft at any time allowing players to replicate their high performance shaft at any time.

Recoil Proto

Veylix Golf Shafts


Veylix Rome


Aggressive design – 40T Carbon – Cut bias – Plasma Vapor Silver Coating


Rome 688 – 66g wood shaft Rome 888 – 84g wood shaft Rome 988 – 90g hybrid shaft


70% ultra thin 40T Carbon fiber prepreg (15% thinner than standard) combined with standard thickness materials (24T/30T/36T blend) to reduce vibration. 40T Carbon used is 25% or less resin content (vs. standard 33%), creating a tighter, more dense design with less chance for voids and energy loss. 5-axis unidirectional Carbon fiber with full length 40T Carbon for low torque and 80-rated mid-section stability to promote a cut bias. 0 – 20 SCALE RATINGS AND TORQUE. Rome 688 – 50-80-80-70 and 3.23 Rome 888 – 50-80-80-75 and 2.69 Rome 988 – 60-80-70-70 and 2.41 LAUNCH-Low SPIN-Low FLIGHT BIAS-Cut


Nickel-plated-Carbon tip – 40T Carbon – Draw bias – Counter balanced


Rome 7RA ROUGHNECK – 71g wood shaft (only 250 made)
Rome 9RA ROUGHNECK – (only 8 prototypes made)


Low torque, low launch, and draw biased (vs. Rome 688). Annoveylix Carbon tip section (“technology you can feel”) – anodized Nickel over a Carbon box weave. Ultra dense tip can yield higher ball speeds. Co-designed with Solinco Sports, who uses Annoveylix Carbon in the Solinco Protocol tennis racquet franchise. 50-60% ultra thin 40T Carbon fiber prepreg. 40T Carbon used is 25% or less resin content (vs. standard 33%). Counterbalanced to keep heavy tip from overwhelming the rest of the shaft. 80 – 20 SCALE RATINGS AND TORQUE. Rome 7RA – 60-65-65-75 and 2.79 Rome 9RA – Unlisted LAUNCH-Low SPIN-Low FLIGHT BIAS-Draw


100% 40T Carbon – Counter Balanced – Plasma Vapor Silver Coating


Alpina 573 – 53g wood shaft
Alpina 673 – 67g wood shaft


One of very few 100% 40T Carbon shafts ever released; allows for density and strength, even at an under 50g playing weight Experimental construction method combined with low resin 40T creates a nearly “seamless result” Slightly counter-balanced to accommodate heavier heads and increase swing speed Finished using a silver plasma vapor IP, creating a rich, clean look Designed for smooth, dense feel at any flex 80 – 20 SCALE RATINGS AND TORQUE Alpina 573 – 55-70-65-60 and 4.48 Alpina 673 – 55-60-60-65 and 2.69 LAUNCH-Mid-High  SPIN-Mid  FLIGHT BIAS-Straight

Veylix Rome 888 Concept Art

“Rome on Silk” — a 3D-modeled rendition of theVeylix Rome 888 Silver Ion done in early 2013. One of several concept models by Veylix Designs and video game artist Galen Davis and Lead Designer J.C. Beeson.


The Veylix Wildeye Rainbow colorway, a finish unique to Veylix, is created by plasma-ion plating each golf shaft twice. Each Wildeye finish is completely unique, with a different array of blue, purple, gold, and green in every piece. A Wildeye Rainbow player will never see an exact copy of his bespoke Veylix. The Wildeye Rainbow colorway is available in many popular Veylix models.

“If I cannot win in style, sometimes I would rather not win at all.”


One of the most truly unique products in golf.  Veylix Arcane – Liquid Reveal features 74% 40T Carbon, 11% Liquid Crystal Polymer, and a 15% mix of 36/30/24T Carbon

The unique Wildeye Reveal finish begins as ice blue when away from UV light and shift to indigo full UV.  Unlike a color-shifting chameleon paint, Wildeye Reveal makes a full color change and continues changing throughout the swing

The mixture of high modulus, low resin 40T Carbon and high strength, high modulus Liquid Crystal (5x’s stronger than steel) allows Arcane to deliver a mid-high, flat ball flight without added spin or vibration

Veylix Splash