Club Fitting

top-100-fitters-2017-209-x-209Frank ViolaNamed One of North America’s Top 100 Club Fitters by Golf Digest and TaylorMade Golf

Every golfer’s body and swing are completely unique, with factors like height, arm length, hand size, and swing speed all playing a role in how golf clubs should be designed and fitted.

We utilize decades of experience along with the industry’s leading technology100 Best Clubfitters 2013 & 2015-1 Temporary 209x209 – the FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor System – to create the ultimate set of custom-tailored clubs. We assess every aspect of your build, swing, and approach to the game to determine what features should be a part of your perfect club, from grip size to shaft height, head weight, and more. Our custom fitting services extend from drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, driving irons, irons, wedges, putters, and even include finding the perfect golf ball for you.

In addition to a wide variety of exotic shaft selections, we have carefully chosen the following OEM Tour-Only, Custom OEM, and Component lines:


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