Callaway’s New Epic Forged Irons!


Ultra-Premium! Forged Performance! Rivaling distance and accuracy “Everywhere!”

We’ll fit you here, we’ll build them here. Why would you want it any other way?

Custom P7·TW Irons!


Custom crafted Taylormade P•7TW irons!

We’ll fit you here, we’ll build them here. Why would you want it any other way?

Green with Envy!


Featuring Hexcel’s HexTow® HM63 fiber, HZRDUS, Small Batch, Smoke Green maintains maximum stability allowing it to keep up with the fastest swings. Soon to be available in;

✅ Smoke Green 60: 6.5TX, 65g, 3.0, low trajectory
✅ Smoke Green 70: 6.5TX, 74g, 2.8, low trajectory
✅ Smoke Green 80: 6.5TX, 85g, 2.2, low trajectory

Mean and Green…


Coming soon!

Congratulations Tiger Woods!


The birth of Tiger’s new P•7TW irons!

We’ll fit you here, we’ll build them here. Why would you want it any other way?

Honma! New Products Coming soon!


Welcome Justin Rose

Born in South Africa and raised in England, Justin Rose first picked up a golf club at the age of 11 months. Since turning pro in 1998, he has claimed 9 PGA Tour victories, 12 European Tour victories, an Olympic gold medal, and a major championship at the 2013 U.S. open. He ascended to #1 in the official world golf rankings for the first time in his career during the 2018 season on his way to capturing the coveted FedEx cup. Justin Rose is the newest member of team HONMA and promises an exciting future.

The Callaway Tour Report


Exciting news from the all of the major tours!

We’ll fit you here, we’ll build them here. Why would you want it, any other way?

P790 Speed Foam


Injected into every P790 clubhead, “Speed Foam” technology enhances ball speed and feel to deliver performance unlike any forged iron.

We’ll fit you here, we’ll build them here. Why would you want it, any other way?

TaylorMade’s P790’s


P790’s Forged, Feel, Forgiveness, powerful performance packed in a classic design, with unprecedented distance in a players iron!

We’ll fit you here, we’ll build them here. Why would you want it, any other way?

PXG’s Gen2 Woods!


Now fitting PXG’s Gen2 Woods! We’ll fit you here, we’ll build them here… Why would you want it, any other way?

Epic Flash


Callaway’s Epic Flash Specifications


Flightscope Short Game!


Confidence breeds success!

You’ve come accustomed to fitting your full swing clubs with us using Flightscope’s Fusion Technology!  Why would you not want to be fitted for a putter, that very same way?

The Versatile Epic Flash


Callaway’s Epic Flash with Flight Control Technology! New for 2019!

Artificial Intelligence?


Callaway’s “off the Planet” game changing approach to advanced technology! New for 2019!

Engineered to make everyone faster!


Introducing the All-New TaylorMade M5 & M6 Drivers



“Foaming” at the “Face” with this newest “CT related technology” from TaylorMade Golf!    Coming 2-1-19!

What is C.O.R.? What is CT?

C.O.R. is an acronym for Coefficient of Restitution. It is a numerical expression between 0 and 1.00 that ranks the energy conservation in the collision of two objects. For example, a C.O.R. of 0.00 means that in a collision between two bodies ALL energy is lost. Conversely, a C.O.R. of 1.00 means ALL energy was retained, and thus the collision is termed ‘perfectly elastic’. In the collision between a clubface and the golf ball, the highest COR through to be theoretically possible by golf club engineers is about 0.910. The highest COR that TWGT has designed and manufactured in a clubhead is the 0.890 COR of the model 959OL driver. This driver was designed in 2009 to be offered to Clubmakers to build for golfers who strictly play for enjoyment and do not play in formal competitions. For a golfer with a 100mph swing speed, the difference in carry distance with a clubhead with a 0.830 and 0.860 COR is 5.6 yards. For lower clubhead speeds, the distance difference is less. For higher speeds, the distance difference is progressively a little more.

CT stands for “Characteristic Time” and is an acronym that represents the test performed by the USGA since 2004 to determine if the spring face effect of a clubhead conforms to the USGA Rules of Golf. Prior to 2004, the USGA performed an actual COR test to determine spring face conformity that involved firing a golf ball at the center of the clubface with an air cannon at a speed of 109 mph. If the speed of the ball rebounding off the face was greater than 83% of the impact speed of the ball, the clubhead would be ruled as non-conforming because the COR would be higher than 0.830.
In 2003, the USGA determined that their existing air cannon COR test took too long to set up and perform. Companies that had submitted clubheads for spring face conformity ruling were having to wait 3-4 months to receive a decision so the USGA created a different type of test to determine the same spring face effect as COR which they called CT for Characteristic Time. However, this CT test is only applicable to drivers. For testing spring face conformity of fairway woods, hybrids and irons, the USGA employs the air cannon COR test.
In the CT test a pendulum with a steel ball at the end with internal electronic sensors is allowed to swing down and contact the center of the clubface. The sensors measure the amount of time the steel ball is actually in contact with the face before rebounding. A face contact time of 257 microseconds is equivalent to a COR measurement of 0.830. Thus any clubhead recording a CT measurement higher than 257 µsecs indicates the head is non-conforming; heads with a measurement less than 257 are ruled to be conforming.

Chosen as one of America’s Top 100 Clubfitters in 2019-2020


We are pleased to be once again chosen as one of America’s Top 100 Fitters in Golf Digest’s December of 2018 / January of 2019 issue. We are honored to be in the company of so many respected artisans of the club fitting and building world. Many thanks as well to Mike Stachura of Golf Digest and his staff for putting in many hours of exhaustive research to arrive at such a distinctive list of professional club fitters and builders. Last and certainly not least, a big “thank you” goes out to our loyal customer base who have played a big part in making this selection possible!

Callaway Golf! Innovation at its Best!


Callaway’s Game-Changing Technology! New for 2019!

PXG’s New Gen2 Irons!


This is how you make the best, better!

Ready for Custom Fitting! TPT Shafts!


TPT GOLF™ Delivers Swiss Technology in the palm of your hands, to drive your ball straighter and longer!

TPT Image


TPT-Cally Ball

TPT GOLF™ Golf Shafts.   Initial Parameters for Fitting.    Enjoy the following HD Charts in FULL SCREEN mode.

TPT Golf Shaft Specifications

TPT Golf Flex Chart - 1