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Sometimes, “bending” the rules is a good thing…

Callaway Rogue

Chosen as 2017 World Wide Clubmaker of the Year


It is an honor and pleasure to be chosen for such a prestigious award! Many thanks to the COY Committee Members for their long and arduous task in coming to their selection for this distinguished award. Thank You Gerald Hoefling, Jacques Intriere, Eric Ng, Bob Ubelhor and Greg Courtney.

Many thanks to all the candidates who also submitted their application!


Our Exclusive Club Trade-In Program!


The Ace of Clubs has partnered with GOLFSTIX to make Trading In your old clubs a snap! Apply your credit towards the purchase of your new Stix, exclusively at the Ace of Clubs!

**Customers are responsible for packaging and returning their trade-in clubs**

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Chosen as one of America’s Top 100 Clubfitters in 2017


We are pleased to be once again chosen as one of America’s Top 100 Fitters in Golf Digest’s November / December of 2016 issue. We are honored to be in the company of so many respected artisans of the club fitting and building world. Many thanks as well to Mike Stachura of Golf Digest and his staff for putting in many hours of exhaustive research to arrive at such a distinctive list of professional club fitters and builders. Last and certainly not least, a big “thank you” goes out to our loyal customer base who have played a big part in making this selection possible!

PXG Xtreme Dark Finish in the 0311, 0311T Irons & Wedges!


Xtreme Dark 7 iron

Before Parsons Xtreme Golf’s irons and wedges were given the official name “0311” — a nod to the MOS 0311 rifleman in the United States Marine Corp — they were simply called “Darkness,” a moniker that’s placed on nearly every prototype the company produces.

With a name like Darkness, it only makes sense that PXG would add a dark finish option to the 0311 irons and wedges.

The clubs will still be available in the original satin finish, but starting Friday, the 0311 line will have an optional black finish (called “Xtreme Dark”) that features a Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating that increases the surface hardness of each club’s finish. In layman’s terms, that means the finish is wear resistant and won’t fade over time.

The graphite-like, carbon-based coating is currently used in the engines of Formula 1 and NASCAR vehicles to decrease friction and increase efficiency and economy. The coating has also been used to double or triple the useful life of prostheses.

“PXG was on a mission to introduce a black iron finish that would not fade overtime and would resist showing signs of wear and tear,” said PXG chief product officer Brad Schweigert. “We discovered that DLC coating not only produces an extraordinary look without influencing club performance relative to how the ball reacts, but also significantly extends the reasonable lifetime for the black finish.”

PXG is the first equipment manufacturer in the golf industry to add a black DLC coating to its clubs. During testing, PXG found the coating was more durable and wear-resistant than anything currently available in the industry.
“The process is expensive, but the results are remarkable,” PXG founder Bob Parsons said. “The PXG Xtreme Dark finish is rock solid and absolutely beautiful.”

Parsons Xtreme Golf’s 0311 and 0311T irons and wedge are available with the new Xtreme Dark finish at the Ace of Clubs!

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Chosen as one of Mizuno’s Top 100 Clubfitters in 2015


We are pleased to be chosen as one of Mizuno’s Top 100 Fitters for 2015. We are honored to be in the company of so many respected artisans of the club fitting and building world. Many thanks to the folks at Mizuno for putting in many hours of exhaustive research to arrive at such a distinctive list of professional club fitters and builders.  Last and certainly not least, a big “thank you” goes out to our loyal customer base who have played a big part in making this selection possible!

“Purpose drives every single decision we make. Every iron, wedge, wood, driver, and golf product we make has a purpose: to prepare you for the long-term journey towards greatness with designs and materials built to perform and help you reach your next level.” – Mizuno Golf


HZRDUS Yellow!


Hzrdus Yellow - 900

Project X HZRDUS is designed to deliver insane distance to the new stronger and more aggressive golfer, without sacrificing distance and control.

The new HZRDUS Yellow is a back-weighted low spinning shaft featuring a straight tapered midsection. This profile is perfect for players with a smooth tempo who want to reduce launch and spin rates. The back-weighting allows for additional mass to be added to the head for increased ball speed.

Dynamic Gold X7! Exclusively at your Authorized PFC Dealer…


DG X7's - 1The majority of TOUR players keep equipment tinkering to a minimum after a win. But following his playoff victory at the 2015 Farmers Insurance Open, Jason Day went to work the following week, at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, trying to flatten out his iron ball flight.

Day, who has an extremely power and efficient golf swing, felt his irons were launching too high and producing excess spin. Working with True Temper’s Tour reps, Day began testing various iron shafts, including stiffer Rifle — Day had been using a True Temper Rifle 7.0 — and Project X shafts, but nothing seemed to give him the flight he was looking for.

“That when we decided to throw [Dynamic Gold] X7 into the mix,” said David Walker, True Temper’s senior director of sales and global tour operations. “He instantly saw 1-degree lower launch and about 400-500 rpm less spin with the shaft. He switched to it almost immediately from the first time he tried it.”

X7 didn’t join True Temper’s Dynamic Gold line until 2005 when the first wave of strong, athletic players started joining the PGA TOUR. In need of a stiffer model with a lower flight, True Temper designed X7 — a shaft that has a stiffer, heavier overall profile than any other shaft in the Dynamic Gold lineup.

Compared to X100, the shaft is 4-5 grams heavier at 134 and 135 grams each, and features a thicker butt section that reinforces the overall stiffer feel.

The shaft has a cult following on TOUR and has remained a TOUR-only model since it debuted in 2005. Along with Day, John Daly, Gary Woodland and Jamie Sadlowski, the two-time Remax World Long Drive Champion, have used X7 over the years.

“Every year we have some college players and a handful of TOUR players come to us asking about the shaft,” Walker said. “It remains a niche shaft, but there’s no question [Jason Day’s] success with it has generated some interest.”

With X7 in his irons, Day won four times in a three-month span (July-September), including the RBC Canadian Open, PGA Championship and two FedExCup Playoff events. Thanks to Day’s torrid summer, X7 will be soon be available at retail stores in limited quantities, similar to Dynamic Gold Tour Issue, starting in mid-January.
Even though the shaft is designed for the stronger player, Walker said he’s also seen interest from other players as well.

“We had a few guys that you wouldn’t consider to be some of the strongest players on TOUR come to us with interest. There’s a handful of guys that don’t want to feel any shaft flex at all. This is certainly a good option for them to try if that’s what they’re looking for.”

Provoto Putting Systems


Seldom do we fully endorse golf improvement products for numerous reasons. Some are gimmicks, some do not work, some are too expensive for the questionable results you get back, etc.

In fitting and selling some of the finest putters in the world, we wanted to take the next step in giving our customers the finest, most simulated putting experience possible. That is why we’ve chosen the Provoto Putting System for our roll board of choice for fitting our clients!

While the term, “Drive for show, putt for dough” still lives comfortably in minds of many folks, isn’t it about time you give us a call to schedule a putter fitting and be ready to rock in the coming year!

Ask us how you can get one of these beauty’s for your home or office. Practice makes permanent. Just drain it!

Provoto 900x338

Hzrdus… Exclusively at your Authorized PFC Dealer…


Only dangerous to others in your foursome… Custom fit and crafted, only at the Ace of Clubs…

Hazrdus w Fitter ID 175 x 201

Your PXG Fit…


Check out just some of our many PXG Irons and Wedges on display in our Studio… All of our PXG Fitting Irons are bonded so that you feel what you hit and hit what you feel… Be confident that what we fit you to will feel identical to your newly crafted set of PXG Irons and / or wedges upon completion!

PXG Display
Digital Loft - Lie Bending Machine

Our meticulous attention to detail of your PXG set continues throughout the “finishing fit” when we tape each individual iron and wedge and bend them according to your swing of that respective iron… Our tests conclude that at least 95% of the golfers we fit, do not remain constant in their lie angle adjustment throughout their set… What may be 2° upright at your PW , will not bear the same result at your 4 iron… And, to make sure those adjustments are made precisely, we use a digital Loft & Lie machine in our Studio, fully equipped with non-marring, Bronze Soling Discs and Top Clamp…PXG - Bending Machine - 640

From One Thoroughbred to Another…

We continue to improve upon our PXG Iron / Wedge Fitting Process everyday by adding more bonded shaft selections to our already populated group of PXG Fitting Irons and Wedges… Here is our most popular steel shaft, in Project X’s PXi, which has long been our #1 selling, steel iron shaft for 3 years running… Also in the mix is the ever-staple Dynamic Gold Tour Issue in S400 Flex. Fit Here, Crafted here!

TT with PXG Irons-1TT with PXG Irons

Parsons Extreme Golf


We are thrilled to announce the addition of Parsons Extreme Golf! Get Performance Fitted here at the Ace of Clubs!



Leveraging patented technology and sophisticated manufacturing processes that integrate high-performance alloys and elastomers, PXG produces the finest golf clubs in the world. Featuring a performance-enhancing Precision Weighting System — which creates each club’s signature look — the clubs feel and perform unlike anything else.


Designed by golfers, engineers and dreamers who have an unrelenting commitment to delivering the world’s finest golf equipment.


PXG equipment is currently being played on the PGA Tour, the Champions Tour and the LPGA Tour. Here’s what our Tour Professionals are saying about PXG clubs and what’s in each of their bags.

Ryan 200x200“I have never felt like I needed an equipment deal. My preference has always been to play the clubs that deliver the best results, which is why I started the 2015 season without a contract. After having a great few months on the course and achieving notable performance gains with PXG clubs in my bag, the option of extending my relationship with Parsons Xtreme Golf felt like a natural progression.”
Ryan Moore
PGA TOUR Professional

What’s In Ryan’s Bag?

0811 Driver, 9° head with handcrafted Project X Prototype shaft X flex, 45.25″
0317 Hybrid, 19° head with Kurokage Prototype XT 90; standard length
0311 irons 4-9pw, Dynamic Gold Lite X-100 with sensicore; standard length
PXG 54° wedge with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S-300; standard length

Rocco 200x200“In the short time I’ve been playing PXG equipment, I’ve seen incredible performance gains. I love the look, feel and forgiveness of the clubs. It just doesn’t get any better.”
Rocco Mediate
Champions Tour Professional

What’s in Rocco’s Bag?

0811 Driver, 9° head with Aldila Rogue Black 70-x, 45.25″
0341 3-wood, 14°s with Aldila Rogue Black 70-x; 43″
0317 Hybrid, 17° with Aldila Rogue Black 85-x; standard length
0311 irons 3-9pw with Steel Fiber 110-x; standard length
PXG 52° wedge with Steel Fiber 110-x; standard length

Sedana 200x200“What I love about PXG clubs is when I hit the ball it’s soft off the face. I know the club is going to execute exactly how it’s supposed to and that builds a lot of confidence for me.”
Sadena Parks
LPGA Tour Professional

What’s in Sadena’s Bag?

0811 Driver, 9° head with Fujikura Speeder Evolution 661-s; 44.5″
0311 irons 4-9pw with KBS Tour V-stiff; length -1/2″
PXG 52, 56 and 60 wedges with KBS Tour V-stiff; length -1/2″
PXG Drone putter; 33″

Want to bring your game to the next level? Call, e-mail or conveniently book your Personalized PXG Fitting online!


Chosen as one of America’s Top 100 Clubfitters in 2015


We are pleased to be once again chosen as one of America’s Top 100 Fitters in Golf Digest’s May of 2015 issue. We are honored to be in the company of so many respected artisans of the club fitting and building world. Many thanks as well to Mike Stachura of Golf Digest and his staff for putting in many hours of exhaustive research to arrive at such a distinctive list of professional club fitters and builders.  Last and certainly not least, a big “thank you” goes out to our loyal customer base who have played a big part in making this selection possible!

Enjoy Mike’s column on Club fitting from the May of 2015 Golf Digest.100 Best Clubfitters 2013 & 2015-1 Temporary 209x209

Get Fit, Play Better
A clubfitting can unlock your potential
Get Fit, Play Better


1. Bring your current clubs with you, and be honest about the state of your game. An expert fitter and a launch monitor will show you the power of change.
2. Approach your fitting session like you would a tournament round, physically and mentally. Stretch and warm up until you feel ready, and then focus on every shot.
3. Don’t make a decision based on one pure strike. If you can’t repeat it during a fitting, you won’t see it on the course.

You’re missing out on golf’s most game-changing technology: clubfitting. “A lot of golfers don’t know about custom-fitting, or they greatly underestimate the impact of a properly fit set of clubs.” says Craig Zimmerman, general manager at RedTail Golf Center in Beaverton, Ore. “They think a clubfitting is for tour pros or better players. But the more they learn, the better golf they’ll play.” That education begins by visiting a clubfitter, like at RedTail or one of the other top facilities named to our third listing of America’s 100 Best Clubfitters.

In the world of golf equipment, one size doesn’t fit all. Especially today when there’s almost infinite complexity. A qualified clubfitter makes it simple. “Small changes can make big ripples in your game,” says Nick Sherburne, who oversees a team of clubfitters at Club Champion, a national chain of fitting centers on our list. Sherburne and other America’s 100 Best Clubfitters we surveyed see the same five problem areas. It’s time to start finding out what’s wrong and how quickly you and a clubfitter can make it right:

• Driver. Your loft is too low or sometimes too high. Achieving the ideal golf-ball spin rate, launch angle and direction is possible only through a launch-monitor fitting. “Because drivers have different characteristics, not all lofts across all brands are equal,” Sherburne says. “Loft has the biggest impact on spin, so getting the right loft to properly spin the ball is critical.” Also, the standard shaft length for many drivers is almost always too long. “When we shorten the shaft, golfers hit more solid shots,” says Steve Ball of Ball Golf Center in Oklahoma City. “Solid strikes always win the distance race compared to longer shafts that create off-center contact.”

• Putter. The most overlooked club when it comes to fitting, the putter is the easiest to match to your game. “Contrary to popular belief, putting isn’t all about feel,” says Dana Upshaw of Dana Golf in Warner Robins, Ga. “Yes, it’s important to use a putter that feels good and has visual appeal, but more important is how well the technical specifications fit the golfer to produce a predictable, consistent roll.”

• Wedges. As iron lofts have gotten stronger, they have created a gap where your wedges start. Throw in the variety of sole grinds and bounce configurations, and you’ll need an advanced degree to figure out what you should do. Or you can visit a clubfitter. Says Sherburne: “Players should be gapping off their pitching wedge to create as many full shots as they can. Many players come in with a collection of different brand wedges with different shafts, lie angles, bounces and lengths. Wedges should be an extension of your irons.”

• Long game. Odds are you’re hitting two of your longer clubs—maybe three—about the same distance. “Often you need a 5-iron and a 5-hybrid, or sometimes a 5-wood goes farther than a 3-wood,” says Joshua Chervokas of New York Golf Center (Cool Clubs) in New York City. “You might need a 4-hybrid and a 2-hybrid because the distance separation is too small between consecutive clubs. You cannot buy a modern golf set by the numbers.”

• Shafts. There are so many shaft options on the market, even computer databases can’t keep pace. Consequently, self-fitting can’t be the answer, says Brad Fellinger of Fellinger Custom Golf in Hobe Sound, Fla. “Once I correct their shaft flex, they cannot believe it’s the same person hitting golf balls,” he says. “Their consistency, control and accuracy improve 110 percent.”

Super Stroke Plus 2.0 XL, 3.0 XL, Plus Flatso 2.0 XL


SuperStroke Weight+ PLUS SERIES grips provide the ability to add back-weighting to any putter, to achieve optimum balance. With a proprietary new threaded cap design, players can quickly and easily install a 50g back-weight to instantly change feel and response. PLUS SERIES Grips are available in two diameters in the Legacy profile along with a 2.0 FLATSO version. All three are 13.75″. The 50g CounterCore weight is sold separately, purchased and installed here at the Ace of Clubs!
SuperStroke 2.0 XL

2014 TaylorMade Technical Conference


Dr. Benoit Vincent and Myself April 2nd. 2014 TM Technical Conference Granite Links golf Course, Quincy, MA 150 x 150Dr. Benoit Vincent of Taylormade Golf & Frank Viola of the Ace of Clubs at Granite Links Golf Course In Quincy MA, April 2nd. 2014 in attendance of a TaylorMade Technical Conference.  Dr. Vincent is a true a Gentleman, a Scholar and a master of his profession. Many thanks for your time & sharing a wealth of knowledge!

Named Official Tech Center Facility


2013 US AmateurIt was an Honor & Privilege to be chosen as the Official Tech-Center Facility for the 2013 US Amateur. The Event was Hosted at one of the Finest, Historical Golf Venues in the World, The Country Club of Brookline, MA