Mike Frank

- Chesterfield, MI


"Frank, the driver arrived Wed and I went to the range and put it in play on Thursday. Another great build and the driver performed well. Might be a bit longer on center hits but where it really shines is on off center hits. My "misses" are much better and playable. :).  I've always felt that a huge part of scoring is to minimize those misses and put yourself in a position to not make that big number that not only shows up on that particular hole but has a tendency to mentally affect the whole round.   So it seems your assessment of the AeroBurner vs R15 is spot on. LOL Also, thanks for the Chrome Softs. That's a ball I had intended on trying out and I will tell you I was really impressed. Nice distance off the driver and irons. Feel around the greens was nice also. I think I may have found next years ball! So thanks again and we'll get together on those irons over the winter."