Larry Burns

- Sun City, AZ


"Good Morning Frank, well they arrived at 5PM on a special delivery truck and the box and the clubs went right to the range.  Beautiful clubs and soft as butter, took a couple of swings with my SW and pulled the 7 iron from the bag and spanked it. I hit about 20 shots with that 7 iron and you could throw a bath towel over the results.  I usually I have the range to myself at that time of day and I mark the balls with a sharpie then I'm able to go out and verify the results. Interaction with the turf is very good and the feel is incredible.  Ball flight is very good, not too high with a slight draw.  Plan to get in a few holes later this  afternoon.  Life is good!" "You can ago ahead and make me that 4 iron.  Love the clubs Frank, thank you very much for your help".................Larry