John Sinclair

- Doha, Qatar


“I live overseas in the Middle East and was presented with a very short (1 day) business stop in Boston. I contacted Frank to request an appointment two days later. He responded immediately and accommodated my tight schedule. I was all set for a visit to his studio. I had an idea what I was going to buy before having met Frank, but suffice it to say they I was not even past the ladies tee! At my request, I was introduced to Miura irons. Frank spent ages watching me hit balls with differently configured clubs and very professionally made his suggestions and advice. We finally arrived at the "perfect" customized set of Miura irons. He then started all over again narrowing down a driver for me. By this time I had exceeded my appointment time and his golf partner had arrived to pick him up for his next appointment on the first tee. But Frank insisted that my customer care was of more importance so we spent nearly another two hours choosing a driver, putter and loft iron combination that was right for me. The golf set was shipped to me in the Middle East. Clearly, Frank really spent time professionally assembling my custom set. Although its mid summer here I've braved 2 games, one where the temperature was 116 deg F! Suffice it to say I actually enjoyed the game. I was really impressed with Frank's knowledge, his professional attitude, friendly and non-persuasive advice, and especially how he took the time to accommodate my needs and to see this sale through to my total satisfaction. He gave up his golf appointment for my sake. I highly recommend Frank to anyone out there looking for a true professional in this field.”