Jerry Geary

- Suburb near Dallas, TX


When I want new irons, I fly from Dallas for a business meeting near Boston to see Frank. Yes,
even during a pandemic. I brought some stock Mizuno 919 Forged in an 80g shaft and HM Pros
in stock Recoil 95 to compare.

Arriving at Frank’s studio, we discussed various irons and hit the Mizuno 919 Forged followed
by the Mizuno Hot Metal Pro. The HMP showed some pop but Frank put a new Mizuno in my
hand. I didn’t look at the name. Distance was popping but dispersion was questionable. Then
Frank took the same shaft and installed another head. Didn’t look. I got pop and tight
dispersion. I came in looking for 921 Forged and Frank ended up ordering MP-20 Hot Metal
Blades (HMB) for me in Accra Constant Weight 95. Accra has a better feel to me than Recoils
and I’ve missed the full 95g weight of the graphite in the shorter irons. The HMB is an attractive
hollow body iron with a copper layer that gives it a classic Mizuno feel even with the forged
Chromoly, which gives the HMB a pop in distance. Frank and I finished up taking data for length,
lie, grip, etc.

Hitting the HMBs at the range back home, I was surprised at the ease of hitting the mid-irons
and the great Mizuno feel. The Accra shafts performed in the mid as well as the short irons. I
was confident going after the ball. If you think you can go without a fitting, think again.

See Frank.