Bill Oberg

- Marshfield, MA


I just recently purchased my third set of clubs from Frank, a PXG driver, hybrid, a full set of irons, and three wedges. Upon arriving for my PXG fitting, he had already narrowed down shaft and grip combinations to try with the PXG heads installed based on my prior fittings. We started with ten combinations and over the period of two hours selected custom Mitsubishi Rayon “OT” Graphite Iron shafts with Pure grips to outfit the irons and wedges. The distance pickup was almost two clubs throughout the set and the dispersion was much tighter than my prior custom set. The driver and hybrids were outfitted with custom Veylix shafts which felt better than anything else I have hit and were also much more accurate. At the final fitting, we went through the entire set checking that the lofts and lies were exactly what they needed to be. The final test was the performance of the PXG set on the course. The results were even better than the Flightscope results, I hit thirteen greens and shot 79 on a course I had only played once before. Frank suggested that maybe a PXG putter would have improved that result:).  Finally, in my view, what sets Frank apart from other folks that have fit me is that he is a craftsman, not a salesman.