TW Wedge

Designed in conjunction with our tour professionals.Enjoy superior turf interaction and outstanding control.Line up for loft / bounce which fulfills every style of serious golfers;

48°,  50°,  52° wedges are available with 9° of bounce.  56° wedge is available with 8° & 12° of bounce.  60° wedge is available with 8° of bounce.

  • Soft iron-forging method of manufacturing delivers exceptional feel on impact with the ball, meeting the high-level needs of all serious golfers.
  • In an effort to maintain a sense of consistency in the transition from our TW737 iron clubs, the area around the neck should be sharpened to ensure that no offset is visually perceived.
  • The clean and elegant design of the new TW-W wedge matches well with any iron club produced bearing the TOUR WORLD brand name.
  • A 48° loft angle option was added to expand the range of choices.

48°/ 50°/ 52°


A triangular shape promotes consistency in the transition from our TOUR WORLD ironsTo emphasize consistency in the transition from our TOUR WORLD irons to our approach wedges, we opted to leave the face size alone, forming a triangular shape by sharpening the sides that converge on the toe.


Enjoy optimum wedge performance with outstanding controlThe sole has also been designed to promote consistency in the transition from our TOUR WORLD irons.In Honma Golf’s efforts to accommodate Hideto’s demands for a better performing wedge, we have developed the new TW-W wedge, which gives golfers the ability to easily control their distance demands during the game.

56°/ 58°/ 60°


Golfers of all abilities will feel an added sense of confidence thanks to the wedge’s larger head. The TW-W wedge’s built-up blade and raised heel enables players to the use more of the club face when opening up the wedge face at address.


Greater accuracy in wedge play with superior spin performance. Designed with an emphasis on stability, the shape of the TW-W wedge’s sole helps prevent its leading edge from rising at address, while its moderate bounce allows for greater consistency. More accurate and consistent wedge play, similar to that experienced by professional golfers, has been achieved through a process which involves repeatedly grinding down the surface in increments of 0.1 mm to render superior spin performance.



Precision cast pocket cavity model that ensures high trajectory and overwhelming carry distance performance achieved by low center of gravity and strong loft design.

Distance-oriented model added sharpness and great hitting feel

  • It changed to the built-in pocket cavity of the soft iron casting manufacturing method.
  • Raise the launch angle by the thin a top blade, and a low center of gravity.
  • Improved the strength of the face by the special manufacturing method and improved flying distance performance.
  • The hitting point become more thick, and hitting feeling become mild.
  • Evolved as an easy-to-use model that can be offered to a wider range of golfers.

Integrated low deep center of gravity Pocket cavity design

The hitting point become more thick, and hitting feeling become mild

Strength of the portion 1.5 mm from the surface has been improved

The face strength has been enhanced by the special manufacturing method.

Improving the flight distance of the golf ball performance by thinning hard material.
Face internal is soft and hitting feeling will not be disturbed.


W-forged cavity model that features carry distance and maneuverability with forgiveness.We want to make our original angle setting without changing face progression

  • Do not want to change the hitting point even using the different loft type.
  • The feelings for the angle setting of the pros are strong regardless of man and woman.
  • It is used to adjust the angle, mostly upright, although they feel a sense of discomfort to the subtle differences in face progression.
  • Providing a variation in the angle setting, it made it possible to design the neck part which professionals prefer.

New W-Forging

Forging the soft-iron material(S25C proprietary blend) that is specially formed enhances the strength. In particular, of the upper center part of the club face is where the grain flow is dense. This forging method has reduced the poor result of an off-center shot.



  • The standard goose shape does not bring any discomfort to the player’s vision.
  • Well balanced neck and the leading edge gives easy address towards the target.
  • Easy address able to control the ball.
  • Slightly flat form deletes the fear of hitting to the left.
  • Solid heel side gives an image a strong trajectory.
  • Line-out is easy to make a linear and sharp image.
  • Slightly large image gives you comfort and do not mind the loft.
  • Improvement of the hitting feeling by the new forging manufacturing method.