Rusty Navins

- Ipswich, MA


"Dear Frank,  I am delighted that my son, David, thought to introduce me to you when I mentioned to him that I was interested in some new clubs. The notion of custom fitting had never occurred to me, and David convinced me that it would certainly be worth my while and that you were definitely the best possible professional with whom to consult. He was right on the money. The two fitting sessions, one for irons and one for woods, were both extremely thorough and revealing. As you took me through the several options in terms of club head and shaft, I couldn't help but be incredibly impressed with your knowledge and your ability to match my individual skill set with a handful of possible club selections. I am so pleased with the Mizuno irons and Taylormade woods we ultimately settled on, and I have to tell you that the rainbow shaft (Veylix Alpina) on the new driver had lots of folks at Pinehurst, particularly, our caddies, oohing and aahing! Not sure I really needed that attention, but it sure was fun. Thanks for the new tools. It now just remains for the operator to make them work to their greatest potential." Best regards, Rusty Navins