Peter Pappas

- Woburn, MA


Hi Frank, "Just absolutely loving my PXG Irons & Wedges you built for me!  I wanted to hold off purposely in writing this review until I got a solid 2 months of play with them.  They're everything you said that they would be and more!  Easily 2 clubs longer than my previous set and a feel like I've never experienced before. Aside from the performance and look, I really enjoyed the fitting and the process.  I'll still think about seeing and hitting all of those professionally built fitting irons, which gave me a ton of confidence knowing that my purchased set would feel the same way as to what I was fitted too.  Last but certainly not least, I also liked the fact that you were doing the building of my PXG's right onsite.  There's a lot to be said for looking a person in the eye, knowing he's "the guy."  Many thanks again and I'll be in soon to add to my PXG collection, arming my bag with some PXG Hybrids and a Putter.  Love the look of the new "Gunboat" model!  See you soon!" Pete