Mike Presutti

- Franklin, MA


“I knew the importance of getting fit for a set of clubs. What I didn’t realize was the most important part of the fitting process was the club fitter. Then I met Frank. Unhappy with the irons I had purchased after a “fitting” at one of the big chain stores, I made an appointment with Frank. He quickly pointed out the irons I had been fitted for were a full inch shorter than what I should be playing. The chain stores will use outdated technology to “fit” you to what they have in stock. Frank uses his expertise, the latest technology and years of experience to find the equipment that actually fits your swing. Since that first meeting I have been back many times. In fact, Frank has built every club in my bag. The quality of his work is flawless. His knowledge, communication, patience and attention to detail, make him a pleasure to work with. In my honest opinion, if you are looking for a club fitter you can do no better the Frank Viola. Now if only I can find the game to match my tour quality clubs.”