Jerry Geary

- Dallas, TX


"Texans claim to do everything “big,” but in 20 years I haven’t seen the craftsmanship in club fitting and build. When investing time and money in your game, you want great results. Hopping on a nonstop from Dallas to Boston, I hoped to find greatness in Frank Viola. Frank is no nonsense, friendly, honest, and competent - one would say he is a perfectionist. He is demanding of himself and the products he carries – it’s only the best with Frank. Even the smallest materials are the finest. If a club head or shaft is not to spec, a customer does not see it. Frank’s studio is a candy store for golfers. I almost tripped over the swarm of PXG bonded 6 irons he has available for fitting. He may have more bonded iron-shaft combos than PXG. When Frank fits you, he wants real numbers with the club you will play. You experience the real deal, not heads that click off/on a shaft. You hear the sound and feel the ball off the face of the club you will play. During the fitting, Frank made it easy. “Get yourself warmed up and take your time. Rest when you want.” He analyzed how I hit my present clubs, and suggested I was working too hard; the shafts were too heavy, and the flex too stiff.  Using Flightscope, Frank showed that I was not finishing my swing and as a result, I was losing distance and accuracy. Flightscope confirmed what Frank saw. We tried several iron shafts, narrowed it down to two, as well as heads. The numbers showed that PXG 0311 and Mitsubishi OT graphite shafts were a great fit. Frank and I discussed weight, and since I was no “spring chicken,” we chose 80g. Frank said, “Let’s make the game easier and fun.” Frank also measured me statically and dynamically for shaft length and lie angle, and well as my hands for grip size. We went through the bag to get lighter, longer, and more consistent. We added two PXG hybrids, and when asked about a 22H, Frank said, “I wouldn’t go there.” Same thing when asked about my lowest lofted iron. “You’re just not consistent enough with it yet. Let’s wait until you find your tempo.” If you want an honest opinion based on facts, see Frank. Since the fitting, I’ve played the PXG irons and hybrids and have never had more confidence on the course in 20 years. PXG is the real deal. Yes, you will pick up a club or more in carry when you flush a ball. But I also want a club that’s good to me on the days when I’m not my best – that’s PXG. With PXG’s 0311 irons, when you thin or toe the ball, you still get a high launch with the ball wanting to go straight.  The club rewards you with more than you deserve from the shot. And feel? Whether you flush a shot or make contact slightly off center, PXG feels like no other iron – the sound is different, and so soft off the face. You will smile at the feel and results. When combined with a graphite shaft, the PXG 0311 irons are a great combo for the mature golfer wanting to recover his distance without shock to his body or hands. For the competitive golfer, they’ll have confidence that Frank will fit them into a combo that offers consistency, gobs of forgiveness, sufficient spin and distance in either the 0311 or 0311T. As a result of my fitting, I’ve given up buying clubs without Frank’s advice. I am finished wasting my money on other fitters, self-fitting and selling clubs I should not have purchased. Frank will not only shave strokes off your game; he will save you money."