Ryan Davenport

- Hopkinton, MA


“As a self confessed tech-weenie, I am very particular about my clubs. My last set was purchased from Hot Stix out in Arizona. When it was time to purchase new clubs, I was about to purchase an airline ticket to head back out to Hot Stix. However, I decided to do some research and found Frank Viola & Ace of Clubs. The fact that Frank was based in Massachusetts had me a little worried. How can a guy that lives in a state that doesn’t have year around golf know anything about club fitting? Nonetheless, not having to get on a plane did have plenty of appeal so I decided set up a meeting with Frank. Upon meeting Frank and seeing his workshop and hitting bay technology, I became more comfortable with my decision and set up a fitting. By mid way through the fitting, I knew I had found my guy. Not only did I not have to get on a plane, Frank was 1000 times better than Hot Stix. His knowledge on the newest club and shaft technologies was unparalleled and the changes he made to my shaft length, stiffness, and grip size had an immediate impact on my game. My ball flight became lower, more consistent, and with less dispersion from left to right. Frank is equal parts scientist, artist, and guru. I highly recommend him for people who want to eliminate equipment as their excuse for poor golf shots! Frank has earned my business and I am a very satisfied customer of Ace of Clubs.”