Danny & Nina Harrington

- Newburyport, MA


“I met Frank Viola 2 years ago after reading an internet article on the best club fitters in the USA. I checked out his company's website (Ace of Clubs) and all of his industry contacts and found that all of the website's claims were 100% accurate. The next day I called to set up an appointment. Two weeks later I met Frank and we got to work on my driver and ball fitting. I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about golf equipment and in one hour I realized I knew very little. Spending time with Frank is a unique experience. He works with you one on one. Your time with him is exclusively yours. He doesn't allow people to just show up and hang out. It is a master's class in golf fitting. Since that first meeting Frank has set up every club in my bag and late last year did the same for my 15-year-old daughter. She is only 4'9" so a custom fit is essential and Frank gave her the full treatment. He recently fit her to a Rocketballz Driver and 5 wood as well as a Scratch Gap Wedge and a Miura Sand Wedge. Last summer Frank invited me to attend a get together, at his house, to welcome Mr. Miura and Adam Barr (President of Miura Golf). It was a very exciting day for me. I had the opportunity to meet the finest craftsman of golf equipment in the world. I also got the chance to hit my first Miura wedge that afternoon and needless to say it came home with me. I am proud to say that this year Frank has custom fit me to an amazing set of PP 9003 Miura irons and completed my set of Miura black wedges. I can say without any hesitation that if you do not check out Frank's work, you are wasting your time and money on "off the rack" equipment. You will get quality time and consistent information from Frank that will transform how you play the great game of golf. Thank you Frank for your time, professionalism and friendship that you have shown to us.”