Andrew Engebretson

- Quincy, MA


“I was able to get 8 holes in yesterday before the lightning came and forced me off the course. I'm starting to get the swing down with the irons and the driver shaft may have changed my life. With my old shafts, my swing had to be absolutely perfect, I had to focus on turning my hands over the exact right amount. Now I just have to put my natural swing on the ball and it rockets straight out with a baby draw as it come back to earth. The 4th hole on the Milton 9 is a 514 yd Par 5 with two fairways. The first fairway ends around 310 yds from the tee and the next one starts another 30 yards after that. I brought 3 balls up to the tee and hit them into a fairly stiff wind. The first one rockets out with the soon to be new trademark off the tee, baby draw. The second I hit perfectly straight with a slight pull, ends up 15-20 yds to the left of #1. The third one, I caught a tiny bit towards the heel and it went out with a tiny fade but ends up about 3 yds to the left of #1. I use the GPS on the cart and on my phone to get a distance, all three were sitting about 10-15 yds from the end of the fairway, about 290 from the tee. All three had plug marks right next to the ball but that is to be expected as the course was very wet. With the wind in my face, I know exactly where I would have been be with my old gamer, the Callaway 454 with the V2, about 30 yards behind this spot. The dispersion with the shaft is absolutely amazing and the lower boring flight is absolutely perfect for me. Back to the rest of the hole. I am left with 215-220 to the pin (middle) with the same wind in my face. This shot used to be a 5i for me with no wind or a slight tail wind. I pulled out the 5i as I would likely reach for the 6i from this distance with no wind with my new setup. I don't think I could have stuck the ball better. The ball shoots out but my first thought is "Ah $#!&, the wind is going to slap it in the face and I'll be left with a 60yd pitch shot.” I walk back to the cart and head up to where I think the ball will be, no there it is up maybe 5-10 yards short and to the left of the green. I couldn't believe the ball was able to fight through the wind and make it up that close. I hit a beautiful little pitch that hopped and stopped about 4 ft from the pin and tapped in for my birdie to get me back to even par (after I three putted #1 for a bogey). I proceeded to miss semi makeable birdie putts on 5 (12 footer) ,7 (15 footer) and 8 (10 footer) and bogey the par 3 6th to get to +1 after 8 when the lightning came and forced me off the course. Frank, I could not be happier the set you constructed for me. I now have confidence in my equipment that I never thought possible. Thank you so much for everything Frank and I apologize this letter got long but I am so happy with the clubs.