CBX 119 Hybrids

EXOTICS CBX 119 hybrid

The CBX 119 hybrid’s improved head shape is shorter from heel to toe and features less face progression for more workability and lower spin results, while still maintaining easy-to-launch, easy-landing ball flight characteristics.

The modified CBX 119 design was based on feedback from the Exotics PGA Tour Professional staff and led to a more compact design with a taller face that produces more power and even less spin. The larger Beta Titanium face makes for more face flex, or CT, making the hybrid hotter off of the face than its previous iteration.

The new Exotics CBX 119 hybrid integrates new technology designed to push the boundaries of low-spin distance combined with tour-inspired feel and workability. The new CBX 119 Hybrid- shorter heel to toe for more workability and lower spin results, and less face progression.

The result is a spin-killing, exceptionally versitile hybrid capable of delivering tour-level distance and performance.

CBX 119 Fairway Woods


Exotics has once again taken distance gains to the next level with the all-new CBX 119. The Exotics CBX 119 fairway metals are new versions of the award-winning Exotics CBX Models.

Modifications were made to the Exotics CBX fairway metals and hybrids based off of feedback from Tour Edge’s Tour Staff on the PGA Tour Champions and some of the other 50 plus professionals who put Exotics into play on tour in 2018.

To Design the new Exotics CBX 119 fairway metal, Glod and his R&D team combined the shapes of the original CBX with the more compact, deeper-face CBX T3 model to create the ultimate fairway metal shape.

By combo brazing a titanium cup face to a stainless steel body combined with carbon fiber on the sole, Master Club Designer David Glod and the R&D team saved 25% of the weight of the clubhead to use towards CG manipulation.

With a goal of further reducing spin off of the metalwoods already known as “The Spin Killers”, the Speed Ramp Sole was widened by 15% to create higher MOI and an even higher CG. The higher CG helped to reduce spin even more than in the previous iteration and creates more wind-defying distance out of what had already tested as the longest fairway metal on the market.

As a result of this precise engineering, the CBX 119 is a spin-killing distance machine- and the proof is in the numbers. Independent testing proves that the CBX 119 outdistances its most popular competitors by and average of 13 yards.

The independent test results from a recent Golf Laboratories robot swing analysis confirm that Glod and team have again succeeded in reducing spin and providing greater distance than any other fairway metals available on the market.

The CBX 119 ranked 1st in total distance,1st in carry distance and #1 in lowest spin rates against four of the top selling fairway metals on the market.


Superior Construction!

Once again, our engineers are the first to bring new material combinations to market. The ultimate combination of a new ultra-lightweight 9-1-1 titanium chassis and heavy tungsten sole exceeds all design platforms. Our meticulous research and development proved this unprecedented use of materials to be superior for real swing speeds, leading to the exceptional newest market segment in the Exotics lineup- the XJ1.

Supermetal Body

9-1-1 titanium is a remarkable 10% lighter than 6A4V titanium. 9-1-1 titanium is stronger and has less density than 6A4V titanium allowing engineers to save significant weight in the body.

Tungsten Sole

Tungsten Sole holds the majority of the weight with 124 grams, two-thirds of the entire mass of clubhead. The added weight generates high launch angles.

12-Gram Tungsten Screw In The Heel

Positioned strategically for draw enhancement and faster release of the club head through impact.


9-1-1 Titanium – The Supermetal!

An industry first, the XJ1 features a revolutionary 9-1-1 titanium body which is remarkably 10% lighter than 6A4V titanium, allowing engineers to save significant weight in the body. The unprecedented strength of the 9-1-1 enables it to be thinner and more reactive, especially at lower swing speeds. This launch effect combined with the overall light weight of the driver allows players with real swing speeds to generate more club head speed and more distance.


Amorphous Kevlar-Carbon Crown

  • An unprecedented new amorphous material is ultra-lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong. This revolutionary material weighs a mere 12-grams, saving significant weight and lowering the center of gravity for ideal launch.

Laser-Bounded, Amplified Face Plate

  • SP 700 beta titanium face plate is thinner and more reactive. Laser bonding also allows the face plate to be much larger than on a normal driver.